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Ohhh, so you’re trying to impress me with your business card?

I’ve been getting hit on by older dudes pretty often lately. I’m definitely not going to lie, some older guys are ridiculously hot (e.g. my super crush on Dr. Drew). There is one serious problem I have with the older guys who have hit on me, though. I’m not sure what it is, but these dudes automatically assume I’m in need of a sugar daddy. Each of them have either directly stated or have insinuated that they can “take care of” me. Uhhh… Whaaaat?

I’ve adamantly denied the offers thus far because it all just seems incredibly immoral. But who am I kidding? Morals don’t buy me nice things. What kind of idiot says no to free shit? I’m okay with being a total degenerate. Let the sugar baby lifestyle begin!

Just kidding.